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5/15/2004 | Hello

Thanks for stopping by the site. We just returned from Yuppiefest. As usual, the festival was awesome, and a ton of cool bands played. Thanks to those who came and watched us \”perform\” – we had a great time, and, unlike last year, NOT A SINGLE ONE OF US succumbed to heat exhaustion during or after the set!

We still have a few of those free CD?s we were giving out, so if you weren?t able to get one at the show (or if you weren?t able to be at the show), drop us an email with your mailing address and we?ll send you one. It includes 3 songs from our new album (the same ones available for download) as well as some enhanced stuff.

Oh and the Texasradio1.com interview we did went pretty well, except for the fact that THEIR WEBSITE APPARENTLY CRASHED AND WAS DOWN FOR MOST OF THE SEGMENT!!! Oh well, luckily (to use the word loosely) I think someone managed to record it, so we might be able to post it here in the next few days.

I guess that\’s it for now. Go here for some upcoming tour info and here if you?d like to get the new album. See you later.

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