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7/31/2005 | Hollywood

Good show. Nice people there. Too bad our van leaks gas. Not to worry, it\’s really not that serious. It only leaks a little bit and only while filling up. Luckily we have Tanner the Car Guy in our band who know how to fix things like that. (I don\’t even know how to honk the horn yet.) Should be back to normal tomorow.

But yeah, Hollywood was good. Very good.

Okay then. Only a few more shows left on this leg of the tour:

8/1 Los Angeles, CA
8/2 Silverlake, CA
8/4 Bakersfield, CA
8/5 Las Vegas, NV

Then it\’s this:

8/15 Bloomington, IN
8/16 Pittsburgh, PA
8/17 New York, NY
8/19 Shepherdstown, WV
8/21 Silver Spring, MD
8/22 Philadelphia, PA
8/24 Anniston, AL
8/25 Atlanta, GA
8/26 Heflin, AL
8/27 TBA

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7/29/2005 | Oakland

We pulled into Oakland yesterday around 7:30. The Stork Club is a little bar on Telegraph Avenue where the logo on the door is really cool and the doorman is always a bit confused. Unfortunately, something had been messed up with the booking and the local band who was supposed to play (and bring people) never showed up. Not sure what happened, but it really doesn\’t matter.

Because even though it was the probably the lowest attentended show of tour so far, it still serves as the highlight. This is because 25% of the audience was made up of our buddy/hero, Dr. Frank.

Frank met us out at the club early and we went and (kinda) ate pizza at the place across the street. We talked about his book deal and how it came about. We talked about various bands and the various crazy lead singers of those various bands. During our set, he came up and sang a Mr. T Experience song with us (Checkers Speech). As he came up to the stage, I introduced him by telling everyone there to picture their idol in their head. Everybody did so and I told them that this guy was mine and my bandmate\’s. I still don\’t think anyone there realized just how important this guy is to us. After the show the bartender even came up and apologized to us for this being a \”bad show\”. I told him I thought it was a great show, and he kinda looked at me weird, twitching his mustache while doing so. Yeah, I don\’t think he got it.

We dropped Frank off safely near his house and drove back to Riverside during the night, where we\’ve been staying for free most the time (thank you, Perla).

Here\’s some pics :

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| More Frozen Moments

Santa Cruz 7/28/05:

Cool San Francisco clouds and filthy windshield 7/27/05:

At the Zombie Lounge in San Diego 7/24/05:

More beachness 7/23/05:

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7/28/2005 | Santa Cruz

Despite our best efforts to do otherwise, we\’re still managing to hang onto our sanity. Right now, Matt and Tanner are down the street swimming with seals near the boardwalk or something, Christy Darlington is across from me reading fashion magazines, occassionally commenting out loud to himself that he can\’t believe the kinds of things girls worry about, and I\’m sitting in a Santa Cruz Borders, finally able (and willing) to (attempt to) bang out a few (partially) coherent sentences on the ol\’ battery-failing laptop.

Yesterday we drove into San Francisco from LA to play at Thee Parkside. Tonight, it\’s up to Oakland to play at the Stork Club. I believe we\’ll be taping the show to DAT tonight.

The driving is somewhat soothing at times, and the sleeping bag is always comfy. So just as long as the loaf of bread doesn\’t keep finding its way to the floorboard where it\’s kicked, stepped-on, and repeatedly in need of a re-shaping, I just might admit to the fact that we are enjoying ourselves quit a bit out here. Oh and the shows are fun, too.

Well, Tanner just called and they\’re done swimming with seals, so I\’m going to pick them up. I think they\’re wanting to post some more pictures on here so maybe we\’ll be right back to do that.

Thanks for stopping by.

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7/23/2005 | Just a lil\’ tour update:

Things have been fun thus far. Since we didn\’t have a show today, we spent some time at Huntington Beach and Kinkos. Here are a couple pics.


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7/19/2005 | Well, here we go

If you or someone you know is near any of these, I hope you or they can come say hi.

7/21 Anaheim, CA
7/22 Long Beach, CA
7/24 San Diego, CA
7/25 Los Angeles, CA
7/26 San Francisco, CA
7/28 Oakland, CA
7/29 Los Angeles, CA
7/30 Hollywood, CA
7/31 TBA
8/1 Los Angeles, CA
8/2 Silverlake, CA
8/4 Bakersfield, CA
8/5 Las Vegas, NV
8/15 Bloomington, IN
8/16 Pittsburgh, PA
8/17 New York, NY
8/19 Shepherdstown, WV
8/21 Silver Spring, MD
8/22 Philadelphia, PA
8/24 Anniston, AL
8/25 Atlanta, GA
8/26 Heflin, AL
8/27 TBA

all dates with Darlington. Click on date for details. Some holes may or may not be filled. If you can help with that, let us know.

We\’ll be checking in here regularly, so leave a comment or send an email if you have any questions or anything. See you soon!

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7/11/2005 | More Often

I just got back from visiting with an old friend. It was funny how we started the conversation: right where we had left off… three years ago.

It sure is nice to know he\’s still keeping at it. Too many other friends either aren\’t or never were \”at it\” to begin with. Or, worse, I don\’t have a clue where they are, much less what they\’re up to.

We ended our coversation the same way everyone does in these situations – by saying how we\’ll call each other and that we should really do this again and more often. But really, that\’s a hoax. Neither of us want to do it more often. I mean, if it was possible to do exactly what we just did over and over again, I\’d be all for it, as, I\’m sure, would he. But there\’s just no way for that to happen. A nice thought, but an impossible one. Sure, we might could try our hand at a newfound friendship, one not based entirely around the past, but he knows just as well as I do that we\’d most likely end up exactly where we did years ago when we quit hanging out in the first place. And that\’s not good for anything.

Nope, I guess certain friendships are best left to exist simply as meaningful conversations that take place inside of loud bars a few times a decade. It\’s unfortunate, yeah, but that\’s what makes it so nice.

Here\’s to my friend and the year 2008.

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7/6/2005 | Just in: this

Friday, July 15
The Rifters, Forever My First, Burning Theory, Joe Jitsu and 41 Gorgeous Blocks
@ Fat Daddy\’s Sound Shack
201 S. Mill #200
Lewisville, TX 75057
(note the new address)

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| The Fourth

Is it sad that on July 4th there were less loud, violent pops in my neighborhood than usual?

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7/2/2005 | \”However, you should know that the Whoppers aren\’t for you.\”

The new Henry Holt EP, \”Lines and Letdowns\”, is now available over at the Ice Planet Store. It includes five classic HH songs and us covering one of those classic HH songs.

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